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Reddish Joss Powder

EXIMANI VietNam Co., Ltd has built a strong relationship with the local farmers, manufacturing agricultural products for exporting to world market. Our Joss Powder is made completely from red bark of Litsea Glutinosa tree in the central Highland of Vietnam. This is fully cultivated harvested year around in central highland of Viet Nam. Region of production and distribution. In particularly, Vietnam central highlands of Gia Lai is known as largest material resource and main production area of Joss powder for both home and export incense production.

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  1. Quality Standard



36 Cups

Viscosity 950-1100

Origins : Gia Lai, Viet Nam

Moisture content: max 13.5%

Mesh size: 100

Packing size: 40 KGS/bag

Packaging: red bag with two layers (pe+ppt)





  • 18 MTs./ 20' FCL

28MTS/40’ FCL

 (measured in Cups) is reflected in the Strength of the Joss Powder.

Joss Powder has: 16, 18, 24 & 36 cups

Joss Powder, obtained as above, is dark red brown in color and is mixed with Wood Powder or Charcoal Powder in suitable proportion to make Mosquito Coils, Hand rolled incense sticks and Dhoop

Using 36 cups Joss Powder should result in 10% saving in raw materials as compared with using 18 Cups Joss Powder ie Charcoal Powder, White Chips Powder, Sandalwood Powder and Wood Herbs.)

In the absence of any agreed specifications as well as testing equipment, most Agarbatti makers test by lab-scale dough & agarbatti preparation and / or tracking raw material consumption over a period of time.

Hence buyers depend upon reliable & proven suppliers who ensure the quality and also ensure that the suppliers take responsibility in case of any quality issues.



All processing materials are 100% guaranteed to be Litsea grown in Gia Lai, because this is the locality where this plant produces the best quality and high viscosity in Vietnam in processing production Joss Powder.



The purchased materials will carry on the bark on the spot, the martial art tree is the main raw material in processing and producing Joss Powder from thick and viscous Litsea tree with better quality because there is a lot of glue, (cup). Especially Litsea trees grown in Gia Lai have better advantages than other regions.

Next, depending on the requirements of customers, we will have many different processing methods. Boi Loi bark after being processed, we will bring it to dry for 3 to 5 days depending on the weather, until the dry bark will be packed to prepare for processing. For the trunk after peeling, we will bring the iron out and dry in the sun with the same time. After that, it will be packed and processed.


Raw materials after preliminary processing will be brought into the blender to crush into powder. After that, the finished powder will be transferred to the mixer system to mix well. This is a very important step, it is decided whether Joss Powder will achieve the quality set. Finally, after mixing, Joss Powder will be transferred to the floor machine, through the filter process, the product will have the necessary smoothness before moving to the final stage of packaging and delivery.


The finished product will be put into packaging carefully, first the product will be packed in sealed plastic bags. After that, it will be put into an external PP bag with the name and company logo printed or can be printed according to the customer's request. Finally, depending on the transportation needs of the customer, we will contact the transport partner to deliver the goods as soon as possible.