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Broken Star Anise

Vietnam Star Anise is the sun-dried flowers shape. There are 6-8 petals star shaped fruit of Illicium verum. And it is a tree attaining a height of 8-15 meters and a diameter of 25 cm. The leaves are entire, 10-15 cm long, 2.5 – 5 cm broad, elliptic, flowers are solitary. The dried flowers contain 12% Voltile Oil (VO) minimum. Hence, it is very strong spicy spice. There are 2 main crops in Viet Nam: spring (March-April) and autumn (September-October). Therefore, we have also 2 types of these flowers: spring and autumn accordingly with different qualities

Category: Star Anise


Diameter 1,1cm : >80%
Broken: >95%
Moisture: 13.5%
Admixture: 0.5%


Packing: Packed in 10kg or 20kg carton
Container Capacity: 6.5 tons in 20ft/ 13.5 tons in 40ft