Bamboo Sticks made in Vietnam Size 8" and 9" for making Raw Incense Stick;

Category: Bamboo Sticks

Vietnam Bamboo Sticks advantage of straight and hard sticks, it is made from mutual bamboo. It do not have knots on the surface as seen on the China bamboo sticks. its surface smooth.

We do not bleached sticks. The color of sticks is natural white color. 

Sticks is well rounded after a well polishing process.

We serve well rounded bamboo sticks with these common size as below:

Bamboo stick 8", 1.25mm, counting 3600-3850

Bamboo stick 8", 1.3mm, counting 3580-3600

Bamboo stick 9", 1.25mm, counting 3200-3450

Bamboo stick 9", 1.3mm, counting 3180-3200

Bamboo Sticks

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