Anise – A Typical Spice Of Vietnamese Cuisine


The flowers of the Northwestern mountainous of Vietnam are famous as an indispensable spice for Vietnamese cuisine, bringing a unique aroma that makes the dishes an intense flavour and savoury.

Star Anise is a special spice that's indispensable in Vietnam cuisine

Star Anise is a special spice that indispensable in Vietnam cuisine

In Vietnam cuisine, star anise is indispensable in a pot of “Phở” broth, simmering, stewed, curry and so on. If in Western cuisine, the flower is the main ingredient for making aperitif, then in Eastern cuisine, it is a spice that makes the taste more rounded and flavourful.

Wherever this spice also contributes a big part in raising the level of cuisine. According to a research of Anderson Center (at the University of Texas MD, USA) shows that star anise does not only bring sweety flavour and unique aroma because of anethole chemistry but also helps to reduce inflammation and swelling well.

Many famous masterchefs in the world have been using star anise because of unique aroma as well as its excellent application. Especially, cuisines are cooked from cow tale, duck foot, stomach … star anise will makes the dishes more warm, they can use its petal to decorate more catching-eye.

The Vietnam sweet beans deserts will have more intense flavour if cook with star anise

In addition, in some regions in Vietnam have some kinds of dessert cooked from bean with sugar, it is neccessary to add more few star anise petals to make the desserts good taste. Star anise powder can also use for steaming, grilling, especially it also help to reduce fish smell.

Star anise makes Vietnam sweet bean desserts more flavour

Star anise makes Vietnam sweet bean desserts more flavour

Star anise is also good for cooking Vietnam chicken noodle

With simmer chicken wings dish absolutely do not forget to use star anise! After cleaning chicken wings, dry it by towels, use a sharp knife to cut on chicken wings surface to make it eye-catching as well as quickly absorb spices and star anise powder. Use a brush to spread a thin layer of cooking oil over the pan, fry both sides slightly, then place all chicken wings out of a plate.

Now spread a thin layer of yong onion over the pan, put those chicken wings above. Put star anise, sliced ginger, crushed cinnamon, chili powder, surgar, soy sauce, pepper, a cup of water … and simmer until the water is thick. Finally, lets enjoy it!

Star anise with chicken noodle

Star anise with chicken noodle

To make grilled anise beef, slice thinly sliced beef fillets. Roasted star anise until it has fragrant smell and crushed into powder. Marinate the meat with anise powder, soy sauce, honey, seasoning seeds, monosodium glutamate, pepper, cooking oil and coconut milk about 20 minutes for the meat to evenly infuse spices. Skew the beef fillets on sticks and roast it until it has yellow color. Pour onion oil on top and serve hot with raw vegetables.

Star anise is indispensable spice for cooking Beef noodle

Using the anise flowers to cook beef noodle soup will give the dish a mildly spicy flavor with a subtle aroma. Anise has a sweet taste like licorice, contributing to the unforgettable flavor of Phở broth. The small anise wings have contributed to the passionate flavor of Phở broth.

When cooking, simmer over beef bones, pour out of water for the first time. Then, add the bones to simmer over 200 degrees C for about 15 minutes. Bake anise, cardamom, cinnamon, dried onion … then put into a pot. Add peanut worm to the pot, simmer for about 30 minutes, season just enough to have a pot of fragrant Phở broth.

Star anise is indispensable in cooking beef noodle

Star anise is indispensable in cooking beef noodle

In addition to bringing a seductive taste to the dishes, the flower also roles as a medicine. However, anise flowers need to be used in moderation, in order not to overwhelm the main ingredients of the dishes, making the foods have the wrong taste and possibly mild poisoning. Avoid using mouldy anise flowers because in addition to losing the fragrance, it also affects your health.

It would be better to choose intact anise flowers, the more older anise flowers are the more fragant it has. The old anise flowers usually have dark brown color with shiny brown seeds inside the petals. Star anise can be dried under sunny for longer storage. Use sealed jars or zip bags to preserve it, sometimes can dry it under sunny again to avoid mold, or you can preserve it in the refrigerator.


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